In the Name of Wood

IN the NAME of WOOD is a projet which combines enthusiasm for wood and it’s unusual use. Based in the Centre of France, in our workshop we are accomplishing our ideas and wood projects.

The idea of wooden handbags began in early 2013 when I was thinking about an original wooden accessories. Like this the first idea of using wood in unusual way was born. Launched in Lille, France in 2013, In the Name of Wood is the brainchild of Marek and Alice. Our works are handmade and all products are made by ourselves from beginning to end.

Each of the article shows the natural look of wood. Each bag, wallet, barrette and bow tie is individually handcrafted with regard to characteristics and look of each piece of wood. Every article is handcrafted…every single article is original.

For us, sustainability and ecofriendly production is important. For this reason we use only natural and sustainable materials as: coton, wool felt, leather, natural oil and wood.

We try to decrease our impact on the environement by using recycled materials as weel. All the leather used is coming from upholstery workshop. Like this we use material which would be normally thrown out.

Now, when we are more and more surrounded by plastics and other « cold » materials, we realize the importence of nature and pure natural things around us.

In the Name of Wood propose you an option how to have something special, something new.

Our philosophy is: handmade products with style and (wooden) soul.

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